Knowledge Transfer Scheme

As the Forestry Owner’s Cooperative Society (FOCS) look beyond 2021 into 2030 where we believe woodland can influence climate change. We seek to ensure that all plantation clients are empowered with the skills and confidence to fully participate and complement other sectors of the Department of Agriculture food and the marine.

The Forestry Owner’s Cooperative Society (FOCS) have the potential of influencing the information and change of attitude towards climate change with a comprehensive program of technology-based information, field events, workshops, inductions and Knowledge Transfer Group (KTG) training in the area of forestry.

Knowledge transfer training

The Forestry Owner’s Cooperative Society (FOCS) provide two types of forestry knowledge transfer training initiatives including the Forestry Knowledge Transfer Group Scheme and an exclusive four-week course for those considering a forest enterprise, Forest Enterprise Induction course.

 Knowledge transfer group scheme

Knowledge transfer groups (KTGs) a well-recognised approach to exchange information and good practice. Forestry KTGs are for private forest owners looking for further knowledge and the opportunity to know when and how to conduct forest management activities in a safe and secure manner.  KTGs are peer-to-peer led conversation groups presided over by a professional FOCS forestry team who educate participants and encourage them to learn and adapt to the best management techniques.

The Aim of Knowledge transfer group scheme

  • To raise awareness among participants of the worth of their forest and more specifically the worth of our forestry bioeconomy.
  • Advise forest owners on how to manage their forest on a significant economic and social basis.
  • Improve your knowledge of the necessary steps when selling timber and biomass.
  • Educate owners on the process of continuous management for their forests including the implementation of annual tasks as outlined in management action plans.
  • Inform forest owners about important issues affecting them for example certification, protection against timber theft, disease, ecosystem services and the value of carbon.
  • Encourage forest owners to implement the knowledge to make it easier to manage their own forest as this will assist in the evaluation of options accessible to them when deciding on the future management of their forests.
  • By attending knowledge transfer groups, forest owners are contributing towards developing a greater forest culture in Ireland.
  • Knowledge transfer groups inform forest owners about innovative methods to integrate agriculture and forestry to deliver dual-use income options.

Knowledge Transfer Group Course Details

  • This course consists of 7 meetings. At least three out of the seven events will be conducted outdoor.
  • The course intends to provide members with the necessary tools and techniques to manage their valuable timber resource and provide assistance to increasing the revenue generated from their holding.
  • The duration of the course is 7 weeks and consists of one evening per week for 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours.
  • Each KTG can have a maximum of 20 participants.
  • To participate in a KTG a folio number is required.
  • If you are unable to attend a training session you can nominate a relative or if you have a plantation business partner, they are eligible to attend.
  • The scheme is accessible only for people who have not already participated in a forestry KT group.

Knowledge transfer group scheme Payment

A total of 7 meetings and events will be arranged for each KTG. Each KTG participant will receive €70 per meeting attended (the maximum amount payable to each participant is €490).

Forest enterprise Induction course details

This course is to provide the best advice, learning material, financial investment and continuous forestry lifelong informal learning exchange opportunities for individuals interested in a forestry enterprise.  The Forestry Owner’s Cooperative Society (FOCS) team highly recommend completing this course if you are considering planting some trees/ forestry, large or small.

  • This course will provide you with the necessary information to evaluate the best options for you when considering planting trees/forestry.
  • The course includes one to two site visits (weather permitting)
  • The duration of the course is four weeks. (1 evening per week for 2- 2 and 1/2 hours).

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