Forest Management Plans

The forestry management plans are required to ensure that afforestation, felling, restocking, forest road works and other forestry associated activities (including amenity and recreation uses of forestry) are being conducted in accordance with good forest practice.

The Forest Management Plan give details about future management of the forest for example a stocking rate, nutrient assessment, average height and yield class, planting year, and the projected years for first thinning(s) and clearfell for each area. The plan is required to be prepared by a registered forester (FOCS have registered foresters) after a site assessment to document and update information concerning species, areas, plot boundaries and any related changes, on a certified species map. The forest management plan will have to comply with the principles of sustainable forest management.

Active Forest management

Active forest management as opposed to passive management, employees the use of silvicultural methods and forest management practices, including thinning, harvesting, tree planting, weed control, fire breaks and other practices that improve wildlife habitat and forest health. Active maintenance includes the risk controlling disease, pests and invasive species. Forest owners need to the particularly vigilant in maintaining firebreaks especially after long dry spell. Every forest owner should have a fire plan including a map showing access and assembly points for firefighting professionals.

Met Eireann Forest Weather index:

Met Eireann produces a Forest Weather index using a Canadian model which assesses fire risk in an area taking into account current and past weather conditions. It also produces forecast weather information to produce a forest fire index forecast for five days ahead.

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