Careers & Work Experience

Careers in Forestry

In Ireland there are a wide range of qualification options available. Three of our 3rd level Institutions presently provide forestry education.

  1. Teagasc award level 5 Certificate and level six advanced certificate, and level six in farming.
  2. Waterford Institute of Technology awards the level seven Bachelor of Science in Forestry and level 8 in Forestry Land Management.
  3. University College Dublin awards the level 8 Batchelor of Agriculture Science in forestry.

City and Guilds. Certified Courses in aspects of Forest Management through the Forest Owners Co-op. For details submit a request through the information contact’s page.

Work Experience

College Students studying Forestry, Horticulture, Biodiversity and Conservation are taken on by FOCS for special projects and Research. FOCS work closely with 3rd level colleges in Ireland and Europe on collaborative projects.