FOCS member

I am a forest owner and currently have a small forestry plantation. In 2014 I joined the Forestry Owners Co-Operative Society (FOCS) to acquire the knowledge to enable me to more effectively manage my forestry.  I am not from a farming background and being a member of this Co-Op has been invaluable.

As I live near the town of Killarney, I have a great appreciation of the outdoors and forestry. My hobbies include running and cycling, and I love to explore the forest trails by foot or bike.

D Murphy

FOCS Member

Transparent – I could see from the start how my objectives as a grower were very closely aligned with that of the forestry Co-Ops

Shared Goal – with other growers as well as the Co-OP. Its in the best interest of the Co-Op to ensure I get the best price for my timber. The Co-Operative structure has consistently served other areas of agriculture very well and has stood the test of time. There is a direct conflict of interest between the grower and the mill.

Vision – The Co-Op has a business minded approach where the financial gain of its shareholders is central.

Stakeholder Approach – I could clearly see from the outset how a collaborative approach generates greater rewards. i.e. increased timber value

Policy – EU and national – Current as well as guidelines and regulations.

Big and Small Picture – where do I fit in. My role and responsibilities.

Representation – Informed representation and leverage. The power of numbers. The Forestry Co-Op is a very serious player that negotiates with the backing of its very significant area of forestry ( X hectares of negotiating power). This strength is applicable to all shareholders at all stages of forestry.

Expertise –

Commitment – getting things done in the real world. In depth knowledge is only of benefit where there is follow through. I can personally testify to this commitment.

Privacy – Is taken very seriously. At no time will your personal information be compromised or shared with third parties without your informed consent beforehand.

The Good Guys – The Co-op are the good guys where everything is very simple & transparent. I can’t think of any other alternative that takes my interests into consideration at all times. There are other entities that would prefer growers not to organise and demand a better deal.

One shotDON’T BLOW IT – Forestry is unique whereby if a single poorly informed decision is made then it can destroy all benefit for the grower. This is a point that is only highlighted by an organisation that has your interests’ core to its existence. The mill won’t stop you selling your timber too cheap! But the Co-Op will ensure you are fully informed before any commitments are made.

Team – the Co-Op continues to grow exponentially due to the confidence of its shareholders in the structure.

History – Growers have been very disorganised in Ireland to date where they have been uninformed . The

Getting payed – the Co-Op is very clear. The grower must maximise his/her profit!.

Valuable asset – your forestry is highly valuable and greatly sought after.

Profit – Its an easy sell – Align you interests with that of the Forestry Co-Op’s to maximise your profit, taking advantage of the strength of our shareholders.

G O’Sullivan

FOCS member

I found the expertise and advise of Dr. Kathryn O’Donoghue and the FOCS to be phenomenal, the help and support that is available is second to none. The KTS sessions were invaluable, the co-op members are also very helpful. I would without any doubt recommend that you join FOCS to get expert practical advice on how to sustainably manage your plantation. You’ll have many opportunities to have your say and work directly with the group. It’s one of the best decisions I made. Thank you Kathryn and to the other board members.