FOCS are a Co-operative with a vision, working towards a prosperous, inclusive resilient forestry industry. We catalyse the rapid changing needs of a rural farming community across sectors by working with all those interested in forestry and general farming.




Benefits of being a member of FOCS

  • Our members come first. FOCS was founded by forestry owners who aim to inspire and assist other forestry owners by sharing professional knowledge to aid in the development of financially sustainable forest management.
  • By partnering with the co-op, you are your own boss. As a member you avail of professional advice and assistance with applications for licences/grant/schemes, have access to educational courses and the opportunity to take part in a start-up project.
  • Our extensive services aim to assist you with the tools and knowledge to develop your forest as a financially sustainable forest and produce a valuable asset.
  • As forest owners we know the struggles forest owners face. Therefore, we represent our members on Local, National and European level by liaising with government bodies to influencing policies, the forestry industry, and market price terms and conditions.
  • FOCS has links with UCC, UCD, UCG, Teagasc, ERI, (environmental research unit).The Forestry Service, COFORD, FII, along with many others such as contractors, The Mills, like-minded associates throughout Ireland and Europe.