Forestry Owners Co-operative Society is one of Ireland’s leading Co-Operatives. It was founded in 2013 by the members for the members with a strong foundation in transparency and openness. Our ethos is ‘Members First’ working on all issues of sustainable forest management. We are a unique members’ resource that shares industry experience and best practice as we are run by forest owners for the benefit of forest owners.

We are a Co-operative with a vision, working towards a prosperous, inclusive resilient forestry industry. We catalyse the rapid changing needs of a rural farming community across sectors by working with all those interested in forestry and general farming.

We Specialise on providing a comprehensive information service and are leading partners in Climate Action plan of the forestry industry. We stand for sustainable forest management biodiversity knowledge transfer climate and economic viability of the industry.

Empowering Members

We promote a strong emphasis on Knowledge Transfer, including field trips, courses, information days, and policy development – all designed specifically for members.

Our Services

  • We offer a full range of forestry services from planting to harvesting including maintenance, management plans, road grants, felling licences and supervision of harvesting operations – delivered by our professional foresters.
  • Advice and information on all grants, premiums and schemes
  • Knowledge transfer courses to assist in educating our members on sustainable forestry practices.
  • Consultations on all aspects of forestry – Planting to harvesting
  • We provide an effective interface between forest owners and industry. The industry can develop with the knowledge of what timber is available into the future.
  • Our members can share experiences and knowledge of forest operations, grants, contractors etc.
  • Currently we are working towards implementing group certification for our members.

Strength in Numbers

  • We assist in reducing costs by synchronising harvesting operations.
  • We exercise co-op member power in negotiating with contractors, transport and timber buyer.
  • We employ our collective power to liaise with government bodies and influence policy, the industry, and market price terms and conditions.